York Farmers Markets

By Sarah Frane Editor-Publisher Macaroni Kid York April 23, 2024

One of my favorite weekly activities is taking the little macaroni to do some shopping at our local Markets. You see local markets not only create an opportunity for our local farmers to sell fresh local food they also serve as food educators, by revitalizing the way consumers shop and eat.  What produce is in season? How do I choose the best eggplant? How do you raise your chicken? All these answers can be found at a farmers market – answers that educate, inform, and build relationships between communities, farmers, and food. Unlike retail outlets, local markets foster a sense of community among their customers. They offer a friendly space where farmers, business owners, and neighbors can exchange ideas around cooking, nutrition, agriculture, and more while enjoying the festive atmosphere with family and friends.. Whether you're looking for farm-fresh veggies, grass feed beef sweet treats, or a place to grab lunch there are several Markets in York to choose from:

Central Market 

Central Market is located at 34 West Philadelphia Street, York, PA 17401, in a structure that comprises nearly an entire city block. Just around the corner from the historic Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center, it’s difficult to miss the beautiful red brick building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Central Market has entrances on both West Philadelphia Street and North Beaver Street.


Doors open at 7am
Core Hours 9:30am - 2pm
Limited Vendors Open

Doors open at 7am
Core Hours 9:30am - 2pm

First Friday of the month

Doors open at 6am
Core Hours 9:30am - 2pm

*Several Vendors have hours that vary from this posting. Those Vendors will have their hours posted at their Individual stands.


Several garage parking options are available. The two garages closest to Market are:

Philadelphia Street Parking Garage (25 W. Philadelphia St., York PA 17401)

Central Market Parking Deck (W. Philadelphia and Beaver Streets)

These garages offer free parking on Saturdays during Market hours (6:00 am-2:00 pm). Parking fees and hours of operation vary all other times. On-street parking is available all around Central Market. Parking meters are enforced during all market hours. There are also two Rabbit Transit bus stops are located conveniently steps from Market. 

 Leg Up Farmers Market 

Leg Up Farmers Market is a full-service, natural foods grocery store located at 3100 North George St York, PA 17406 that supports the Leg Up Farm Family of nonprofit entities. These include:

Leg Up Farm, a nonprofit therapy center in York County, Pennsylvania, for children with special needs, and

Able-Services, which provides day program services for adults with special needs.

As the Leg Up Farm Family continues to expand its services to children, adolescents and adults with special needs, as well as to our community, we are committed to reinforcing the Leg Up Farm mission, culture, standards of service, trust, and quality.


Our mission is simple: Enriching people’s lives with natural food options that promote health and happiness.

And we are guided by three principles:

1) Our team supports your FAMILY — Leg Up Farmers Market provides an immediately accessible opportunity to realize changes in diet and lifestyle resulting in continual improvement in overall health for your FAMILY.

2) Much of our FOOD is grown by local farmers and produced by artisans — Support of local FOOD producers not only creates unique product offerings, but enhances the vitality of the region.

3) We support the COMMUNITY in which we work and live — The COMMUNITY now has a natural foods store that fulfills individual and family shopping needs in an environment of service, knowledge, and abundance.

An organic and natural foods market in our location can impact the community in a variety of positive ways that benefit everyone:

Sustainable growing methods create a positive impact on our environment.

Producing healthy food within a community builds pride.

Local producers (produce, bakery, small industry manufacturers) gain access to new customers through Leg Up Farmers Market.

Access to better food = better eating = better health.

Community center for learning and connecting strengthens individuals and communities on multiple levels.

We are committed to giving back to the community in many ways, notably through financial support of Leg Up Farm, Able-Services, and other human service agencies.

Hours of Operation 

Our hours are 9am - 7pm daily.

At-Risk Customer hours are Sunday - Tuesday from 9am - 10am.

New Eastern Market Co

For the last 65 years, the New Easter Market located at 201 Memory Lane, York, PA 17402 has offered the York community a wide variety of farm-fresh produce, meats, fish, deli items, baked goods, and specialty goods.

Hours of Operation 

 Friday's  from 7 am to 6 pm 

Penn Market

Penn Market opened in 1866 and is the oldest farmers market in York PA. Located on the corner of Market St. and Penn Street, 380 West Market St . With a variety of fresh fruits, produce, meats and cheeses straight from the farm to your table, stop on in you’re bound to find a fresh healthy treat for you and your loved ones. 

Hours of Operation

Penn Market operates year-round Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 6:30am-2:30pm.  


The market has a FREE PARKING LOT to the east of the building.

Whitecomb's Farm Market 

For over 40 years Whitecomb's Farm Market located at 2410 Roosevelt Ave York, PA 17408 has been providing the freshest produce, deli, baked goods, and flowers in York County. We are proud to grow many of the plants and produce you find at the market in our own nursery. Inside our cafe and bakery is stocked with delicious goods, all made from scratch by our talented team. We're a close-knit, family-owned business with the friendliest staff you'll find in the area. At Whitecomb's Farm Market, you can see, smell, and taste the difference.

Hours of Operation 

Monday -Saturday 

8:00 am - 8:00 pm


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

York Fresh Food Farms

2021 will be York Fresh Food Farms' sixth growing season.  York Fresh Food Farms’ produce, priced to be affordable, is available through a Mobile Produce Market with 13 market stops a week throughout the City of York including these stores that are part of the City of York:

Bureau of Health’s “Healthy Corner Store Initiative:” 

Pak’s Food Market, 750 E. Princess Street 

Lee’s Food Market, 564 N. Pershing Avenue. 

You can also visit the Fresh Food Farms in the Parkway Homes neighborhood at 150 Willis Road and behind 1195 Roosevelt Avenue in the Fireside neighborhood.

York Fresh Food Farms also donates fresh, locally grown produce to local food pantries, feeding programs and health clinics in the City of York.

Look for the Mobile Produce Market's opening day announcement in May and shop with York Fresh Food Farms at a York City market stop near you. The Mobile Produce Market accepts SNAP/EBT, FMNP farmers checks, and WellSpan Market Bucks vouchers. If you are a SNAP customer, the 2021 Mobile Market will be offering a $2 Food Bucks Coupon for every $5 spent using SNAP up to $10 in coupons.

Interested in volunteering, have questions or need more information? Visit our website at or call Assistant Farm Manager Selah Phillips at 717 305 8270.