“Superheroes”Family Day with the York County History Center

By York County History Center January 22, 2023

Saturday, January 28th
Family Day with the York County History Center
Agricultural and Industrial Museum

Join us for a day of family fun and learning!  The Agricultural and Industrial Museum is already full of things made in York, but during Family Day the museum explores the superhero York County inventors and innovators! Learn together through activities, and art!
Hands-on Activities Include:
Test Your Strength
Gain Your SuperPowers
Parachutes onto a Bullseye
“More Powerful than a Locomotive”
Stop the Dam, Save the Town
Power of Healthy Eating
Create your own comic strip
Superhero Story Time
Test Your Super Senses
Agility Obstacle Course

Family Day is free and open to all, no reservation required

Outdoor Walking Tours for Anytime!

You can also take a walking tour of the Royal Square Murals
Through a collaboration between The Parliament Arts Organization, Sprocket Mural Works and local artists, Royal Square has become a destination for its murals that grace the walls of York City’s old buildings. Keep scrolling for a self guided tour and to learn more about each piece.

Recommended route: start in the Royal Square Courtyard behind The Cantina and walk through to S. Howard Street, round the corner on Newton Ave., then circle around to Collusion Tapworks.

Get a map for a self-guided tour here.