New Years Eve Tree

By Sarah Frane Macaroni Kid York December 27, 2021

Looking for a fun alternative use for your Christmas tree? Make a New Years Tree! Our family started this fun tradition six years ago its so much fun and the perfect addition to our annual New Years Eve kids sleepover.

Decorating a New Years tree is just like decorating a Christmas Tree. There's only one rule try not to use traditional Christmas colors, other than that the only limit is your imagination! 






~Noise Makers

~Party hats 

~Treat bags with little fun treats 

~Silly props 

There's no right or wrong way to decorate your tree but here's how we do ours.

~Take of all holiday décor but leave the lights 

~Fill balloons or treat bags with prizes or confetti then number them. You can use normal balloons or punch balloons if you'd like. We pop one balloon and give one treat bag per hour as we count down till midnight. 

~Add silly props to your tree. These are great to use for funny photos throughout the night.

~Add hats, and noisemakers to the tree. The kids can take them off to wear and use at midnight or whatever time you decided to do your countdown

~Add streamers 

By midnight your tree will be ready to pack away until next year and your children will have had a great time de-decorating it too!