Crystal Shapes

Scientific AND Crafty

By Toms River Macaroni Kid January 19, 2017
Here's a fun activity for kids of all ages. This crystal project will satisfy the soul of both your little scientist and your little crafter.

Supplies Needed:
Glass Jar
2 Cups Boiling Water
1/3 Borax (Found in the cleaning aisle in supermarkets)
Pipe Cleaner (Colored or white)

Food Coloring
Fishing Wire

1. Shape pipe cleaner into desired shape. Use the string to tie the shape and the pencil together. Mix boiling water and Borax together, stirring until dissolved.

2. Pour mixture into your glass jar. If you are using a white pipe cleaner, but would like colored crystals, now is the time to put in a few drops (or more, depending on desired shade) of food coloring into the mixture. Submerge your shape into the solution, resting the pencil on top of the jar. Let sit for at least 4 hours or overnight.

3. Once you remove your shape from the jar, you can it hang up using the original string. We opted to cut off our original string and attach fishing wire to achieve a floating effect. Whichever your heart desires!