DIY Vacation Souvenir Frame

By Jenna Slade- Macaroni Kid Saugerties-Catskill-Hudson-Rhinebeck July 29, 2016
If your kids are anything like mine, they will want to save every single shell they find on the beach this summer!
After our last vacation, as I was unpacking shells galore, I wondered what I was thinking letting my daughter collect shells ... then I thought of making a picture frame ... and it ended up being super cute!!

So on your next trip to the beach, let the kids collect some shells and make a frame to remember the trip!

What do you need?
Big, small, and tiny shells. All different shapes and designs and colors.
Hot glue gun and glue
Frame (I got a little wooden one for 98 cents!!)

Step 1: Collect shells.

Step 2: Choose which favorite shells to use.

Step 3: Design.

Have your little ones help design your frame, but you will probably want to do the work ... (Hot glue ...)

I put the larger shells first, then filled in some smaller ones, and finished with the tiniest ones going on last. 

Step 4: Choose your favorite picture and voilà!