Explode Soda with Mentos - Summer Science Bordem Buster

Totally Science, Totally Fun.

By Jessica Newcomer, Publisher of Macaroni Kid York - July 13, 2019

Looking for a fun yet educational science project? We have one for you! This simple science experiment will show your children an exploding example of chemical reactions, right in your back yard! Plus, it is quick and easy with little prep & clean up involved.

All you need is:
  1. Diet Soda - Any brand or flavor will work. We recommend diet because it is sugar-free and will not create a sticky mess.
  2. Mentos Mints - Any color or flavor. Both mint and fruit flavors work.

Leave your soda bottle out in the sun while you are setting up because warm soda tends to explode more. Find a nice outdoor grassy location. (We do not recommend doing this activity inside as it will be messy!) Remove the cap from the soda and get ready. The more Mentos you get into the soda bottle before it starts exploding the higher the soda plume will be. Quickly drop a few Mentos in the soda bottle and watch it explode!

It's the Mentos reacting with the soda and creating a rush of carbonation. This is the perfect example of why you never mix chemicals because they could have an exploding reaction! While there is much speculation, we do not know the exact reason why Mentos react to soda. So maybe your Mac Kid will grow up to be the scientist that solves the Mentos & Soda mystery!