Water Bottle Wind Twirlers

By Jennifer Hill July 6, 2016
We love making things out of what would otherwise end up in the recycling bin after using. We don’t often use water bottles anymore, but recently had some for a party we hosted, so we saved a few of them to make these pretty Water Bottle Wind Twirlers. The kids LOVED how they turned out and they look so pretty hanging out in front of the house.

What you need:
Empty water bottles
Multiple colors of permanent markers

What you do:
1. Remove the labels from the bottles.

2. Grab a marker and start coloring on the outside of the bottle. Use a variety of colors and color however you like. My kids love doing a pattern, but it really doesn’t matter how you do it – just color the whole bottle.

3. Once the bottle is colored, use scissors and cut the flat bottom part off of the bottle. Start cutting around and around the bottle, from the bottom to the top, creating a spiral. Once you reach the smooth part of the top of the bottle, stop cutting.

4. You can hang them by sticking a branch or dowel, etc. through the opening at the top. Or leave the cap on it and drill a hole through it, then run some string through it and tie in a knot on the underside of the lid to be able to hang anywhere.