Simple Mosaic Sun Catchers

By Laurie Corbett May 13, 2015

This project is a fun way to use up paper scraps while celebrating the fact that spring is in full swing. Depending on the age of your kids, they may be able to do all, most or some of this project on their own.

What You'll Need
  • Clear contact paper
  • Paper scraps - we used tissue paper, magazine cut outs, napkins and even some ribbon
  • Foam sheets or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker, or pen
  • Tape (for hanging)
What You'll Do
1. Rip or cut out small pieces of paper scraps. Set aside.

2. Draw the outline of a spring shape, like a flower, butterfly or bird, on the foam sheet or construction paper. I drew them free-hand but there are a lot of images online that would work as well.

3. Draw a second outline just inside, or outside, your original line.

4. Cut out the shape on the outside and the inside lines so that you have a frame/outline.
5. Place the frame, marker or pen mark side down, onto the sticky side of a piece clear contact paper.

6. Use the paper scrap pieces to fill in the outline.

7. Place another piece of contact paper on top. Make sure the sticky sides are together.

8. Trim the contact paper around your shape.

9. Hang your mosaic in a sunny window and watch the light stream in!