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B. toys

February 10, 2011

Great Valentines Day Gifts!

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I can remember as a child begging my dad for a quarter to get a gumball out of the machine. Not really for the gum but for the fun of getting the gum. Guessing which color you were going to get, turning the knob, and then opening the door to reveal your prize. It was fun and the actual act of getting the gumball out of the machine was the best part. The Sugar Chute from B.toys brings all of the fun of the gumball machine without the need for quarters or gum! It is modeled after a gumball machine and has 12 balls which are all different. Some have fun patterns, others have a small ball inside that rattles around and others are solid colored. Your child is sure to find their favorite! The balls go in the top of the machine and then your child can turn the knob and press the lever to reveal their ball. Is it their favorite one? If not they can try again, and again, and again. The day that we got this toy my daughter played with it for almost an hour straight just putting the balls in, getting them out and repeating. She hasn’t seemed to pick a favorite ball yet but she really enjoys putting them in, pushing the lever and opening the door to find a new ball each time. It really is a fun toy and for under $20 it’s a great gift idea not only for Valentine’s Day but for any occasion or for no occasion at all.


B.toys also just came out with a brand new toy called the Hugs :) Links! These cute, colorful links come in a set of 24, can make a 3 foot long chain, and come in their own storage jar. The possibilities of what you can do with these links are endless. An individual link is perfect to let babies play with. Each link is made of smooth plastic with a little moveable ball in the middle making it an individual rattle that is chunky enough for little hands to easily grasp. For older children the linking of the links is fun and so is putting them in their container and dumping them out! (My daughter’s favorite) We have also had fun figuring out what we can make with the links. So far we’ve made pretend earrings for daddy :), a necklace (Mr. T style), a chain used to pull a small wagon with stuffed animals in, a shaker toy for playing along to music, and I am sure that there are many other uses to come. This is truly a toy that will last from the “baby” phase into toddler and older years and at under $15 you can’t beat it. I’m actually planning on making this one of my new “go-to” gifts for younger kids and might even give it as a shower gift!


For more information on these toys and all of the other great toys that B.toys makes visit http://justb-byou.com/


B.toys can be purchased at your local Target and other specialty stores.

To purchase online visit http://www.target.com/Btoys


* B. toys provided the Sugar Chute and Hugs :) Links to me for review purposes. The opinions of these toys are my own and were no way influenced by B.toys*

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