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B. toys

November 24, 2010
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B. toys is a different kind of toy company. One that truly has our children’s best interests at heart and one that not only develops great, fun, and educational toys but one that uses non-toxic soy based inks and recycled environmentally friendly packaging. In fact some of their packaging can even be used as gift wrap by flipping the packaging around and all of their toys come with gift tags, ready for giving. B.toys also gives back! For each toy that you buy they give 10 cents to Free The Children, an organization that helps to free children from poverty.


Now to the toys, they sent me their Spinaroos and their Toulouse LapTrec sketchboard to review and both are great toys that would make wonderful gifts for children of a variety of ages. The Spinaroos are like the traditional bristle block toys that easily push together, allowing your child to build just about anything they can imagine but the Spinaroos also have bases that twist which not only adds to the fun but adds to the endless building possibilities. The set consists of 75 soft, chunky pieces that are not only easy to hold but easy to build with. They push together easily and pull apart with minimal effort. I also love the modern colors and funky designs and faces that some of the pieces have. Again these small details add to the joy of endless creative opportunities. What if you’re not that creative? A booklet with building ideas is included to get you started! The Spinaroos are listed for children ages 2-6 but I know children older than 6 would love them as well. As an adult I found that I enjoyed playing with them almost as much as my daughter did :)


The Toulouse LapTrec is a magnetic sketchboard and then some! It has a fun patterned pillowy cushion on the back side making it super comfy for your child’s lap, it has 4 magnetic stampers, a chunky pencil attached with its own storage spot and an easy to move “eraser”. It’s not huge and it’s not small either, it’s “just right” which makes it perfect for car rides, restaurants, or just about anywhere. It also has a built in handle perfect for carrying. My daughter loves using the different animal stamps which then seem to be a good starting point for the rest of our pictures. She can also scribble away and I don’t have to worry about whether it’s on the walls or the chair and when she gets tired of one picture she can just pull the knob “eraser” down to wipe it clean! This toy which is under $15 is another wonderful gift idea for a variety of ages. I highly recommend either of these toys, they will provide hours of endless fun and unlimited creativity for your child.


B. toys makes a bunch of other great toys that I encourage you to check out as well. You can visit their website at http://justb-byou.com and B. toys are available locally at Target stores.


B. toys: Just B. Just you. B. you.